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The 11th annual King of The Wheels is coming up.  After 10 years of running the tournament Derek Kern handing the reins over to Steve Kelly and Bryan Elfant. They are both great guys and will do a great job. Derek will be assisting them this year so any emails or texts with questions please include myself, Bryan and Steve.  You will find their contact info on the registration form. 

Click here for the flyer and registration form

The deadline for registration and payment is October 20th.  This year you can pay by check or via Paypal.  If paying by PayPal you can fill out the registration form and email it back.  After filling out the registration form you can click on the PayPal link on the bottom of the form and it will bring you directly to PayPal.  If you are paying by check you still must mail in the form filled out with a check. 

As always the tournament will be held at Skate Safe in Old Bethpage from November 4th to November 15th.  Each team will play one day the 1st week (round robin) and one day the 2nd week (playoffs).  All teams will play 3 games the first day and at least 2 games the second day.

The round robin will be played from November 4th to November 8th.  Please list in order what days are best for your house on the registration form.  Please indicate any days that don't work for your house that week on your registration form as well.  Once the schedule is made it can't be changed. Please check on any house functions, boy’s night outs, weddings, ice hockey schedule and anything else that might cause a conflict. The playoffs will be held November 11th to November 15th and the day you play will be determined by how your team does in the round robin.  Playoffs could be any day the week of November 11th.


With that being said the round robin games will most likely be played on Mon 11/04, Wed 11/06 and Friday 11/08.  The playoffs will most likely be played on Wed 11/13 and Friday 11/15.  I still have to get confirmation from the rink that these are the days that work best but this is what we are planning on now....THIS CAN CHANGE AS THE RINK HAS NOT CONFIRMED WHAT DAYS WE CAN USE YET!!!!  It's just a heads up as to what days will be most likely used.


We are doing a pre-order for T-shirts again this year and will send that form out with the shirt design shortly.  Any pre-orderd shirts will be $10 except for xxl which is $12.  Any shirt purchased at the rink will be $15 ($17 for xxl).  Please mail your pre-order shirt form with the registration form as pre-orders are due by October 20th as well.  T-shirts and registration payment can be on one check or two separate.  However you want to handle it.  The shirts will be tri blend.

Team Registration fee of $450 is due by October 20th and checks can be made payable to FDNY Hockey team.

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